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domingo, fevereiro 03, 2008

Mr. Church, a nosa derradeira esperanza

Anonymous professor Church said...

Dear Dr. Suroeste

Yo soy muy feliz de recibir la invitación de usted para intentar reconstruir el manuscrito. Sere en su pais proximo jueves. Le ruego venga a cogerme para arriba en el aeropuerto pues soy un persona con edad. Por su reporto estoy pensando que se poder tratar de un manuscript facticio o poder ser que venir de multiples arquetipos (remarkable!). Estoy investigando esta posibilidad realmente oustanding pero por mi edad avanzada soy un poquito retrasado en el trabajo (prostate problems,you know). No sea preocupada por las manchas; las he visto mucho peores (I can`t describe them, as I am a new born Catholic, I hope you'll understand me). Ansiando para la encontrar, se despide de usted.

Professor. A. Church.
University of Port

1 comentário:

Professor Church disse...

Dear Dr. Southwest
I am deeply moved by your concern about my security. Don´t be worried. I´ll be there. As I told you, I am an aged person but strong enough to face the Roucos' menace (peel my tangerines! I had no idea that they were so powerful). I think we are going to achieve the goals of our research without any interference. We´ll do a good job together. No doubts about it. I must confess that your manuscript is something odd but, and the same time, very stimulating for codicologists.
I`ve been told that you have excellent sea-food in your country. I am looking forward to tasting lobsters, crabs, cockles, mussels and other delicious and expensive stuff (not affordable for me, here in Ohio).
See you next Thursday. I´ll be the man in red.